English Language Research Journal

  • ISSN 2057-4215

Aims and scope

English Language Research is a double-blind peer reviewed open access journal with an emphasis on original research into both theoretical and applied linguistic issues in context. The journal is based in the Department of English at the University of Birmingham, and has been the forum for many seminal works. It has been relaunched and expanded in 2013 as a journal committed to free online access, whilst maintaining the benchmarks of academic rigour and originality. The journal also actively welcomes submissions from postgraduate researchers and early career academics.

The next issue of the journal will be on a specific theme and a call for papers will be issued soon.

For enquiries about the suitability of studies for publication in English Language Research, prospective authors are welcome to contact the editors at: elr@contacts.bham.ac.uk.


Editorial Board / Review Board

Editors, Issue 2

Sarah Turner, University of Birmingham

Editors, Issue 1

Phil Bennett, University of Birmingham
Lee Oakley, University of Birmingham
Sarah Turner, University of Birmingham

Advisory Board

Michael Barlow, University of Auckland
Ylva Berglund-Prytz, University of Oxford
Silvia Bernardini, University of Bologna
Alice Deignan, University of Leeds
Lynne Flowerdew, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Nicholas Groom, University of Birmingham
Susan Hunston, University of Birmingham
Chris Kennedy, University of Birmingham
Jeannette Littlemore, University of Birmingham
Sofia Malamatidou,University of Birmingham
Ute Römer, Georgia State University
Gabriela Saldanha, University of Birmingham
Michael Stubbs, Universität Trier
Caroline Tagg, University of Birmingham
Paul Thompson, University of Birmingham
Geoffrey Williams, Université de Bretagne Sud