Masahiro Kodera

Masahiro Kodera

Department of English Language and Linguistics
Doctoral researcher

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PhD title: Count/Noncount distinction of Abstract Nouns in English
Supervisors: Dr Florent Perek and Dr Paul Thompson
PhD English Language and Applied Linguistics


I am interested in the count/mass distinction of abstract nouns in English. The English language is a number marking language and nouns have count/mass distinction. The distinction is an essential part of EFL/ESL teaching, especially for those L2 learners whose native languages are classifier languages in which a bare noun may be understood as either count or noncount, and as singular or plural. Research on count/mass distinction has a history of about one hundred years since Jespersen, but most research has been on concrete nouns and little has been done on abstract nouns. Using corpus data, I am hoping to develop some guidelines that would help L2 learners of English to understand when to use an indefinite article (a/an), zero article (Ø), or plural form with abstract nouns.