Evita Moulara

Evita Moulara

Department of English Language and Linguistics
Doctoral researcher

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PhD title: Can Technology-enhanced language learning affect learners’ language proficiency, cognitive skills and motivation? Insights from an experimental approach
SupervisorsProfessor Dagmar Divjak  and Dr Petar Milin
PhD English Language and Applied Linguistics


  • MA in Foreign Language Learning and Teaching awarded by the Aristotle University, Greece (2018)
  • BA in English Language, awarded by the Aristotle University, Greece (2015)


  • February 2014-2021,  EFL Teacher (Oxford International Education & Embassy Summer School, UK. Private Language Schools & State Schools, Greece. Sapienza University, Rome, Italy)


My research focuses on providing theoretical and practical insights into language learning and teaching. A holistic approach to technology integration in a language class and its effect on language proficiency, motivation, and cognitive skills are part of my academic interests. Cognitive and personality types also play a crucial role in my experiment. My goal is to understand which activities enhance learners’ cognitive abilities and lay the foundations for successful language learning.

Other activities

  • Part of the OutOfOurMinds team


Investigating the impact of a practicum on mentor-teachers’ beliefs about teaching and teaching practices. MÉTHODAL no3 July 2019