Computers meet classics - the CLiC Digital Reading Competition

What if your pupils could read books like they browse the internet? 

Schools and colleges with students between Key Stages 2 – 5 can now enter our Digital Reading Competition which gives English Language and Literature teachers a new way to explore classics in the classroom. The closing date is 19 July 2019.

The CLiC Digital Reading Competition

How does the competition work?

  • The free to use CLiC web app contains more than 140 novels including key curriculum texts such as Jane Eyre, Dr Jekylland Mr Hyde and A Christmas Carol  – simply decide which novel you would like your pupils to study to build on your existing lesson plans, or explore something new
  • Pupils in groups between one and three can use CLiC to research a theme of their choice from the chosen text – you may prefer to prompt groups of pupils with themes you are studying within curriculum books already e.g. the language of horror in Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
  • In the key writing task of up to 500 words, pupils write about how they used the tool, and what they discovered
  • The closing date is 19 July 2019

How will it benefit my lesson?

  • CLiC is a fun way to encourage pupils to use technology they are familiar with to explore texts in a new way
  • It is free to use and can help your class to find quotes for GCSE and A-Level coursework and assist with revision
  • It is a useful tool for ‘stretch and challenge purposes’, as you can choose how much you wish to guide your class
  • The feel good factor – it’s a competition, so your pupils will work in teams for the chance to win Amazon vouchers, and the best activities will also be published on the CLiC Blog and in the second edition of the CLiC Activity Book

To take part simply follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Take a look at the CLiC web app and plan your lesson or activity – our ‘Guidance Booklet’ [PDF, 1.7 MB] may be helpful
  • Step 2: Complete consent forms [PDF, 159 KB]
  • Step 3: Carry out the lesson with pupils using the "Our Digital Reading Activity" template [Word document, 4.5 MB]
  • Step 4: Submit the entries for your class here 

The closing date is 19 July 2019. If you have any questions about using the tool or would like the CLiC team to run a workshop for your class, please get in touch via email at

Digital Reading Survey

We’re also working with the National Literacy Trust to gather insights about how young people perceive the future of digital reading. Your class are invited to complete this survey

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