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Finding patterns through words: Pattern information in

In this video, Professor Susan Hunston demonstrates how to explore the relationship between words and patterns, through  

Collins Grammar Patterns Online (2018) 

This website is unique in listing all the grammar patterns used in English, and all the words regularly used with a given pattern. 

Here is a handy guide to get you started:

Grammar Patterns Video Guides

In a series of videos for HarperCollins, Professor Susan Huston explains the key concepts behind Pattern Grammar, and describes some of the ways language teachers can heighten their learner’s awareness of patterning.

What Grammar Patterns Are
Words and their patterns
Patterns and their words
Patterns and collocation
Patterns and construction
Raising awareness
Finding the right pattern
Connecting ideas
Paraphrase using patterns


Resources for teaching grammar patterns

This page contains teaching materials written by an experienced teacher trainer and informed by the Pattern Grammar community of practice. It includes downloadable worksheets, educational card games, and instructional videos aimed at teachers of Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced learners. The exercises and activities are designed to heighten learners’ awareness of grammar patterns and to give them practice in recognising and using particular patterns.