Fady Gamal Atallah

Fady Gamal Atallah

Department of Film and Creative Writing
Doctoral researcher

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PhD title: Interrelation between Film, Philosophy and Anti-Realism in Scandinavian Cinema (as a representative case study)
Supervisor: Professor Rob Stone and Dr Richard Langley

PhD Film Studies


  • MS in Engineering (Cairo University)
  • MA in Film (De Montfort University)


Fady Gamal Atallah is an award-winning Egyptian/Swedish film-maker and researcher born in Cairo, Egypt. Coming from an engineering background, Fady achieved his MS degree in chemical engineering at Cairo University, studied film at Stockholm Film School and received his MA degree in Filmmaking at De Montfort University. He is a current PhD candidate in audio-visual film studies at University of Birmingham.


This research aims to study the phenomena of utilising anti-realist forms in fiction films whose narratives are dominantly concerned with confronting philosophical questions, with an emphasis on Scandinavian cinema as a representative case study. The engagement of film with philosophy, that sometimes attributed to as ‘film-as-philosophy’, has been a matter of debate among scholars, where questions like how far philosophy can be screened, and if cinema has the ability to act as an object of philosophical reflections, are in the centre of attention. This study seeks to intervene in this ongoing critical debate by attempting to theorise an approach for establishing a visual articulation of philosophical themes in the context of narrative film.

Other activities

Fady is a member of the Egyptian Engineers Syndicate, the Independent Swedish Filmmakers Union (Oberoende filmares förbund) and Sweden's Film Union (Sveriges Filmförbund).