Sarah Leamy

Sarah Leamy

Department of Film and Creative Writing
Doctoral researcher

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PhD title: On Ambiguity: A study into the craft and authors of gender-queer and androgynous narratives in contemporary western literature.
Supervisor: Dr Anna Metcalfe
PhD Creative Writing


  • MFA in Creative Writing


I am the author of gender-queer novels, travel memoirs, and cartoons. I’m also a multimedia artist, known for combining storytelling with images.  Over the last twenty years, I have presented lectures, readings, performances and talks at festivals, conferences and trade shows in the States. My studies and stories often focus on androgyny, gender, family and the search for community. 

Hidden, a gender-queer narrative poetry chapbook, will be released by Finishing Line Press in 2021.


Before starting this PhD project, my Master’s critical thesis took a deep look at who has written ungendered narratives and the importance of representing these non-binary stories. We need to challenge the lack of publishing such work and  look at how we could do that. Now it’s time for a comprehensive study into the craft and perspective of other genderqueer narratives, who is writing such stories, and who's getting published. My insider Tomboy/Androgynous and creative background will make for a multimedia and multicultural autoethnographic approach that combines creative and critical work.