Beth Sharrock

Beth Sharrock

Shakespeare Institute
Doctoral researcher

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PhD title: Paratexts to Shakespearean Live Theatre Broadcasts
Supervisor: Dr Erin Sullivan and Dr Peter Kirwan (University of Nottingham)
PhD Shakespeare Studies


My research explores one of the most contemporary mediums of Shakespearean performance: the live theatre broadcast. Funded by M4C, my research was also awarded a grant for creative industry engagement. Broadcasts by the UK’s biggest theatrical institutions frequently embed alongside the production a range of paratextual materials, including prefatory interviews, short films and live features. My research aims to break ground within the emerging critical field of Shakespearean live theatre broadcast studies by creating a taxonomy of Shakespearean broadcast paratexts, in which their tropes and functions will be outlined for the first time. Ultimately, my thesis engages an investigation of the role these paratexts play in perpetuating narratives of Shakespeare and his works for new, international audiences.