Arden Shakespeare: 4

Professor Tiffany Stern is a General Editor of the fourth series of Arden Shakespeare (Bloomsbury), together with Professor Peter Holland of Notre Dame University, and Professor Zachary Lesser of the University of Philadelphia

For over a hundred years, The Arden Shakespeare, in its first, second and third series, has set the gold standard for editing and publication of Shakespeare’s plays. Now, as Arden three nears completion, it is time to start all over again. Bloomsbury Academic, now Arden’s publishers, have begun the process of planning and commissioning the Arden fourth series by appointing Holland, Lesser, and Stern as general editors. The general editors’ task over the months and years ahead is to imagine what a Shakespeare edition for the twenty-first century will be like, and how best to present high-quality textual scholarship in the digital age. The first volumes will appear in the 2020s and the whole should be finished about a quarter century from now!

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