Our collaboration provides a precious space for the creation, development and showcasing of experimental modern theatre in the spirit of ‘radical mischief,’ a spirit of play, enthusiasm, fearlessness, and intelligence.

Our University of Birmingham courses offer a truly unique learning experience, blending academia and creativity in an exciting way to foster innovative methods of creating theatre and engaging in research and learning. Through our collaboration with the Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC), students have been able to study and create theatre in Shakespeare's own daring spirit, in the heart of Shakespeare's Stratford-upon-Avon.

Fury: MA Shakespeare and Creativity ensemble 2021

Fury is a piece of work devised, produced and performed by students at the University of Birmingham's Shakespeare Institute, on the MA in Shakespeare and Creativity programme.

A series of monologues based on characters from Shakespeare, but translated into a modern context, Fury has been developed in the midst of the pandemic, by an ensemble writing, directing and performing in-person and remotely.

The filmed monologues were published on 10 June, but before then those involved talked about their experiences of forming an ensemble in these unprecedented times with a series of blog posts from the different teams involved.

A performance with a bed and a toy figureMA Shakespeare and Creativity 2017/18 students in their production of Stripp’d. Photo by Sam Allard © RSC

A party sceneDrama and Theatre Arts students at Page, Stage and Screen. Photo by William Fallows © University of Birmingham

Group of undergraduate studentsMA Shakespeare and Creativity 2017/18 students in their production of Please One, Please All? Photo by Sam Allard © RSC