Strengths and silences in Nigeria's Gender Policy on Education

Room 408, School of Education (R19)
Research, Social Sciences, Students
Tuesday 5th November 2013 (13:00-14:00)
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Danielle Wartnaby
Research Administrator 
Tel. 0121 414 4439

Abolaji S. Mustapha lectures in the Department of English, Lagos State University in Lagos, Nigeria and he is a visiting scholar at the School of Education (September - November 2013) as a Commonwealth Fellow. He is widening his primary research interest in gender and language to take account of gender and education. Dr Mustapha is particularly interested in meeting scholars with research interests in similar areas. He can be contacted on: or

In this presentation, Dr Mustapha will be discussing the strengths and silences in Nigeria’s gender policy statements and strategies which are geared towards bringing about gender equality in and through education. He will be considering UK Gender Equality Policy – policy and practices to date and comparing these with what Nigeria has in print and practice in order to highlight gaps that have to be filled if the set objectives are to be achieved.

Everyone is welcome.