Curriculum, Teaching and Contested Education Policy in the 2020s

224 Education Building, Zoom
Tuesday 25 June 2024 (13:00-15:00)

A Roundtable led by Dr Saba Hussain, Assistant Professor in Education and Social Justice, University of Birmingham

Dr Saba Hussain is an Assistant Professor in Education at University of Birmingham and will lead a roundtable discussion on this topic based on her own research on education policy in India and the UK.

This roundtable brings together emerging and ongoing research on key educational challenges in the 2020s, namely rising school exclusions and continued racial/ethnic disparities despite 'colour-blind' policies. The session will adopt a comparative/international perspective with the aim of exploring similarities and differences between various national contexts. Following brief ‘stimulus’ talks from our speakers, participants are invited to engage in a discussion to understand the extent to which major educational challenges in today's world can be said to result from a common underlying policy logic.

The roundtable will be facilitated by Saba Hussain who will start off by exploring comparative perspectives on youth political education: reflections from India, Australia, and the UK. This will be followed by brief talks/responses from:

  • Megan Whitehouse:  the erosion of care in a performance-focused school system: how children come to be excluded from primary school
  • Danelle Du Plessis: exploring colour-blind narratives in race and racism in Norwegian schools
  • Steve Raven: perpetuating the whitewashed curriculum

We will then open up for a collective conversation.

This is a hybrid event, registration is essential to notify us if you will be attending in person or online and to receive the link to ZOOM.

Registration is essential.

This event is open to the public, staff and students. 

Please note, this event will NOT be recorded.