Doctoral Researcher Profiles

There are currently more than 300 students (full-time and part-time) registered for research degrees within the School. The following profiles provide examples of some of the research being undertaken in the school.

Alexia Achtypi Perspectives of key stakeholders about practices relating to using iPads for autistic pupils’ Social Communication (SC) and Emotional Regulation (ER)

Fatehi Ahmed Issues of knowledge transfer: developing schemata to facilitate mimicking the cognitive search patterns of experts to improve knowledge transfer at unfamiliar context.

Kubra Akbayrak An investigation into the training programmes of specialist teachers of children and young people with vision impairments in Turkey and England.

Michael Amess Schooling for Diverse Communities

Simon Asquith Educational Equalities and the 'Self-Improving School System' in England.

Melvin Attard Exploring the issues in developing awareness training about autism for paediatricians, mainstream secondary school teachers and police officers in Malta. 

Yanika Attard What are the views of able young people with autism, their parents and professionals on what needs to be taught in life skills curriculum, and what are the promoters and barriers to achieving such skills? 

Julia Barnes Exploring Nurturing Touch for Teenagers with Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties in Education Settings in England

Rebecca Bartram Can Self-Regulation and impulsivity be improved to show a positive impact for children in the Early Years. 

Bobby Beaumont Childhood in the Camps: An ethnographic exploration of play and performance in refugee camps.

Hannah Bowden An exploration of the enactment of the Pupil Premium Plus policy by Virtual Schools and the effects on educational provision for looked-after children.

Hanin Bukamal The Relationships between Teachers’ Expectations, Attitudes, and Pedagogical Practices with Student Achievement in an Inclusive Classroom.

Leanne B.M. Campbell BTEC Student Retention in Higher Education.

Sarah Chung Primary school governor training: exploring the fitness for purpose of the content and mode of delivery in England

Jane Gatley Should philosophy be taught in schools?

Kristian Guttesen Character Education Through Poetry.

Hassan Khalfan Hamidu Community participation in managing public secondary schools as an implementation of education policy: A lesson from the Morogoro region, Tanzania.

Emelie Helsen Manifestations of Whiteness and White Supremacy in Higher Education (and the effects on students) 

Emerald Henderson Virtuous Leadership in the School Context: Cultivating Teacher Character Through Role Modelling 

Josh Heyes Religion and Sexuality Education: A narrative study with Christian young men. 

Matthew Horton A longitudinal study looking at the impact of University widening participation outreach work on disadvantaged school children’s future aspirations, confidence, knowledge of Higher education, attainment and post 16 destinations.

Brian Irvine Developing frameworks for Specialist (Autism) Mentoring in Higher Education

Sara King What do maternity services do now to support autistic women as service users; what do they need to do to improve?

Alison Laitner  Discovering Childrens' Voices and Experiences; Changes from family to institutional care for children and young people with disabilities , Birmingham 1770 to 1870.

Stephen Lane Rise of the Tweacher - teacher discourse on Twitter.

Aida Layachi Creative Drama and Inclusion in Algerian Middle Schools

Wanyin Li The acquisition and processing of English collocations in native and non-native speakers.

Izzy Mohammed Public archives, Representation and Integration in Post-War, Multicultural Urban Contexts: Birmingham and Manchester.

Kathryn O Mahony Evaluating impact of Autism education standards and competencies

Bethan Morris-Tran Transforming Education, Transforming Lives: Learning Through the COVID-19 Pandemic

Joy Neetha The Advantage in Disadvantage - A case study of disabled teachers.

Alicja Pyszka-Franceschini Language Competence and Family Wellbeing - Psychological and Environmental Influences on Trilingual Language Acquisition and Language Learning, An Autoethnography.

Alejandra Meyer Romano Promotion and Retention in Chilean Primary Schools: Policies and Practices.

Rosie Rushton Exploring the impact of music on the play experiences of children and young people with Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities

Barbara Sandland What is the process of self-diagnosis of autism, as understood by those who have experienced it?

Lynda Smith What do family narratives reveal about how families sustain caring for children with autism at home?

Sharon Smith Being ‘mum’ – the subjectivity of parent carers and its impact on inclusion.

Ioannis Soilemetzidis Measuring and appraising (KPI QA) institutional policies and strategies related with student retention (attrition) - an institution wide approach.

Kate Spencer-Bennett Libraries in Women’s Lives.

Nicholas Stock Ironism in Education.

Aikaterini Tavoulari Repetitive behaviours in children with visual impairments and children on the autism spectrum: the perspectives of caregivers and professionals (a comparative study).

Sarah Todorov Perspectives on the de-institutionalisation of children deprived of parental care in Bulgaria.

Catherine Walker Do young people with mild / moderate hearing loss have the social and emotional skills to enable them to lead confident and independent lives beyond school?

Wen-Yu Wu Displaced Syrian students and higher education in Lebanon and Jordan. 

Gordon Mabengban Yakpir Sex Education: Perceptions and experiences of Window of Hope Tutors in Ghanaian colleges of Education.  

Nicklas Lindström Supporting students to identify and articulate their use of prior knowledge necessary to solve problems in secondary school chemistry.

Kathryn Twigg The Trauma-Informed Teaching of Shakespeare