Emelie Helsen

Research Topic

Manifestations of Whiteness and White Supremacy in Higher Education (and the effects on students) 

Research Summary

Emelie is at the beginning stages of her own research in which is seeking to explain connections between sense of belonging and (racial) campus climates for Black undergraduate students in England. She will explore this through the lenses of Critical Race Theory and Ecology theory through a mixed methods approach. 

Research Interests

  • White supremacy in Higher Education
  • Sense of Belonging for (different groups of) racially minoritsed students in Higher Education
  • College (racial) campus climates and COVID-19

Research Supervisors

 Dr Claire Crawford


  • BA (Hons) Design: Photography, Staffordshire
  • PG Cert: Academic Practice, City, University of London
  • MA Student Affairs Administration, Michigan State University (USA)

Professional Memberships

  • ACPA
  • SRHE 

Conference Papers

  • Arif, A., Coffey, R., Helsen, E., & Post-Eynav, K. (2016, March). Alcohol and other drug education, support, and prevention strategies for international students. Educational session at ACPA convention, Montréal, Canada.
  • Crews, E., Helsen, E., Patrick, KP (2017, March). Party of one: what if you are the only one of a specific social identity in your work place?- Educational session at NASPA conference, San Antonio, Texas.
  • Frimpomaa, D., Gitau, P., Helsen, E., & Williams, L. (2017, March). International Colloquium: Concepts of “Social Justice” Around the World. Panelist- ACPA conference, Columbus, OH.
  • Helsen, E. (2017, July). Taking a 180-degree turn: comparing UK and US good practice and differences – Educational session at AMOSSHE conference, Brighton, UK.
  • Helsen, E. (2018, February). Understanding Power, Privilege, and Oppression in the context of student engagement- Workshop at The Student Engagement Partnership Conference, London, UK.
  • Bannister, H., Helsen, E., O’Connor, F. (2018, July). Critical friends and partners: effective collaboration between Student Services and the Students' Union- Educational session at AMOSSHE conference, Liverpool, UK.
  • Helsen, E. (2019, July). Sense of Belonging: the experiences of racially minoritised undergraduate students in UK universities. Poster and paper presentation at CHERSnet meeting, Imperial College London.
  • Helsen, E. (2019, September & November). Sense of Belonging: the experiences of racially minoritised undergraduate students in UK universities. Poster at RAISE conference, Newcastle, UK & College of Education Annual Research Conference, University of Birmingham, UK.
  • Helsen, E. (2021, March). Sense of Belonging and campus climates: implications for  Black undergraduate students in English universities. Poster at AdvanceHE Conference [online]. 


Email: Exh824@student.bham.ac.uk

Twitter: @Emeliehelsen