Professor Ann-Marie Bathmaker

School of Education
Emeritus Professor of Vocational and Higher Education

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School of Education
University of Birmingham
Edgbaston, Birmingham
B15 2TT, United Kingdom

Ann-Marie Bathmaker joined the University of Birmingham in 2012 as Professor of Vocational and Higher Education. She started her career working in provision of English for Speakers of Other Languages, and she then worked as a local authority advisor for equal opportunities as part of the Technical and Vocational Education Initiative, before moving into higher education. Her career in higher education has involved teacher education for the further education and lifelong learning sectors, teaching and managing professional doctorate programmes, and leading developments in teaching and learning. She has worked at the universities of Wolverhampton, Sheffield and UWE Bristol. At UWE she directed the Bristol Research Centre in Lifelong Learning and Education in collaboration with Professors David James and Jacky Brine.

Her research is in the fields of vocational and higher education. She is particularly in interested in understanding and addressing in/equalities in educational provision in these contexts. Her work has focused on Higher Education and social class, the Further Education/Higher Education interface, teaching and learning in vocational and higher education, and professionalism and professional identities in further education.

Postgraduate supervision

Current supervision 

  • Sophie Webster - An exploration into the pathways students embark on post-16 and whether all students, regardless of background have appropriate opportunities afforded to them in light of the recent raising of the participation age 

  • Leanne B.W. Campbell - BTEC Student Retention in Higher Education

Selected successful completions 

  • Holly Henderson - Place, space and possible selves in the experiences of final year college-based HE students in Engand 
  • Claire Largen (2015) investigating the experiences of progression and transition from Foundation Degree (FdA) to Bachelor of Arts (BA) for part-time, mature, female students
  • Nigel Leigh (2015) Skills competitions: a winning formula formula for enhancing the quality of vocational education?
  • Anne Gannon (2014) IsThis What Real Men Do? The Learning Careers of Male Mature Students in Higher Education.
  • Alan Carter (2012) Assessment in action: A study of lecturers' and students' constructions of BTEC national assessment practice in a college engineering programme area.
  • Liz Atkins (2007) The impossible dreams of an invisible cohort : a case study exploring the hopes, aspirations and learning identities of three groups of level 1 students in two English general further education colleges.


Selected publications

Bathmaker-Ann-Marie (2013) Defining ‘knowledge’ in vocational education qualifications in England: an analysis of key stakeholders, and their constructions of knowledge, purposes and content, Journal of Vocational Education and Training, 65, 1, pp.87-107

Bathmaker, Ann-Marie and Avis, James. (2012) Inbound, outbound or peripheral: the impact of discourses of organizational; professionalism on becoming a teacher in English further education. Discourse

Bathmaker, Ann-Marie and Will, Thomas. (2009) 'Positioning themselves: an exploration of the nature and meaning of transitions in the context of dual sector FE/HE institutions in England, Journal of Further and Higher Education, 33, 2, pp.119-130

Bathmaker, Ann-Marie, Brooks, Greg.; Parry, Gareth. and Smith, David. (2008) 'Dual-sector further and higher education: policies, organisations and students in transition. Research papers in Education, 23, 2, pp.125-137

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Vocational education in schools and colleges; equity and inequalities in vocational and higher education, particularly in relation to issues of social class