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Welcome to your Mechanical Engineering Community: a network for alumni, students, faculty and friends from the Department of Mechanical Engineering and part of the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences Community.

Whether a student, recent graduate or seasoned alumnus, let us know where you are and what you are doing.



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Community news

Shell Eco Marathon 2019 - Competition Review

We have finally completed a run at the Shell Eco Marathon! We completed 11 laps of the circuit in 35.43 minutes and achieved a fuel efficiency of 265.53 mpg (UK)! Annabelle Brown celebrates the team's competition success

Spring Term Review with Brum Eco Racing

Brum Eco Racing had a busy term attending the Big Bang Fair to represent the University and Shell, taking part in the EPS Trophy visiting Altair and more! Re-elected Team Principal Annabel Brown tells us more.

Spring update: Design and outreach with UBRacing

The UBRacing team had a busy term preparing for the manufacture of UBR22, hosting lab visits for schools and even taking the car down to one in Wolverhampton for a day. Team Principal Hannah Swinbourne tells us more.

UBRacing: A term full of testing and design

The UBRacing Team has been busy working on UBR22, running tests on UBR21 and even engaging in some outreach. The team tells us more about their work and the exciting term they've had.





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