The module concerns the sedimentology of siliciclastic and carbonate and evaporite depositional systems from the field scale to the pore scale.

There is a focus on facies analysis, comparing processes operating in modern systems and how to recognise the signature of such processes and environmental controls in the sedimentary rock record. 

Sediments are studied in core, hand specimen and in thin section. Parts of the module focus on:

  • The interaction of aqueous fluids with surface rocks and sediments
  • Diagenesis - the chemical and physical changes to sediments in sedimentary basins
  • Variations in the chemistry of surface waters and their ability to dissolve, modify or precipitate minerals
  • Products of such interactions
  • The techniques used in diagenetic studies
  • Characteristic structures, cements, mineralogies and pore water chemistries arising from diagenesis in near- surface marine and non-marine environments, and their modification during deep burial


  • Examination
  • Practical exercises

Key skills

  • Critical thinking
  • Written communication
  • Time management
  • ICT
  • Adaptability/flexibility
  • Managing own development
  • Subject-specific skills