Undergraduate degree courses

Study with us and be part of a vibrant community of staff and students making real-world impact by addressing past, current and future challenges in the fields of geography, earth sciences, environmental science and urban planning.

The research-led teaching on our flexible degree courses ensures an inspirational and enquiry-based learning environment in the classroom, lab and field. You will graduate as a highly employable, independent global citizen with a broad range of transferable skills.  


Geography students on field trip

Geography is about the shape of the world and our place within it; connecting, people, places and planet

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Earth Sciences

Geology, or Earth Science, is the scientific study of our planet: its formation, its structure and its evolution

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Environmental Science

Environmental Science students on field trip

Environmental scientists study interactions between physical, chemical and biological processes in the environment

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Global Environmental Change and Sustainability

air pollution management

A new interdisciplinary program providing the skills to address major challenges of our global future.

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Urban and Regional Planning


Urban and regional planning lies at the heart of many of the major challenges that face existing and future generations

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Geography degrees

Foundation programmes

For international students from 12-year education systems, all the above programmes are available with a foundation year through the Birmingham Foundation Academy.