Earth Sciences degrees


tajao-coastal-fieldtripFrom monitoring volcanic eruptions and investigating climate change, through to unravelling the disappearance of the dinosaurs or finding acceptable ways to dispose of nuclear waste, this programme will give you a broad-based knowledge of Earth Sciences.

Geology and physical geography

Roques de Garcia fieldworkIf you're fascinated by physical geography and interested in the way the Earth's surface is shaped, inquisitive and love working outdoors, this programme is for you. 

Palaeontology and Geology

student doing fieldworkStudying this programme will give you a rigorous training in palaeontology, enabling you to use the fossil record to understand the evolution and diversity of ancient life, from dinosaurs to microfossils.

Global Environmental Change and Sustainability

air pollution management

This programme aims to prepare a new generation of environmentally aware students for graduate employment in a range of industries positioned to tackle these global grand challenges.

Environmental and Engineering Geoscience

Group of Geoscience students examining natural rock formationsThe programme prepares environmentally aware students for graduate employment within the rapidly expanding field of applied geoscience, in areas including engineering geology, resource geology and environmental assessment.

Four-year options

MSci programme - our MSci (Undergraduate Master of Science) degrees give you the opportunity to develop independent research skills and follow your interest in the Earth Sciences more fully.  


MSci International Year programme - our International Year degrees give you the opportunity to spend a year studying in an Earth Sciences department overseas, before returning to Birmingham in Year 4 to specialise further. 


Earth Sciences is arguably more diverse than any other subject, including as it does, aspects of biology, geography, environmental science, physics, chemistry, engineering, and computing to name but a few. 

An Earth Sciences degree will set you up for a wide range of potentially exciting careers, from prospecting for oil or minerals to mitigating hazards.

The Collaborative Teaching Laboratory is a brand new state-of-the-art facility designed to support the latest methods in laboratory teaching for STEM subjects.

The Collaborative Teaching Laboratory

Lapworth Museum of Geology

We are home to the Lapworth Museum of Geology, which is now open following an extensive £2.7m redevelopment project. Enabling visitors to explore life over the past 3.5 billion years, the Museum will showcase exceptional objects from one of the UK’s most outstanding geological collections, with state-of-the-art galleries and a range of innovative and interactive exhibits.


Earth Sciences fieldwork

Earth Sciences fieldwork

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