Global Environmental Change and Sustainability degrees

Discover Global Environmental Change and Sustainability at the University of Birmingham

air pollution management

This programme aims to prepare a new generation of environmentally aware students for graduate employment in a range of industries positioned to tackle these global grand challenges.


Our MSci degree give you the opportunity to develop independent research skills and follow your interest in Global Environmental Change and Sustainability more fully.


Our International Year degrees give you the opportunity to spend a year studying in a department overseas, before returning to Birmingham in Year 4 to specialise further.

Understanding Global Environmental Change, how we address its causes, how we live with and respond to its impacts, and how we find sustainable solutions to our use of Earth’s resources, are some of the most pressing issues facing humanity today.

By combining sociological, ethical, and economic dimensions with a sound scientific understanding of environmental change, students will graduate with a broad skills set – drawing on analytical approaches and able to communicate ideas and develop solutions. This will prepare graduates for work with a broad range of stakeholders, from NGOs to global businesses, in seeking more sustainable approaches to current problems.