Environmental Science Research


The Research in Environmental Science module provides an opportunity for students to undertake an independent investigation of a topic of their choice, which is relevant to Environmental Science and must address an original research question. The work builds upon the 2,700 proposal written in Year 2.

The IRE may involve the collection of original data through field and/or laboratory research, or may apply novel analyses to secondary data.

The results of the research are presented in the format of a written reserach article, which will be consistent in structure to the research literature of the identified field of study within Environmental Science and should include:

  • The aims and objectives of the research
  • The relevance of the research question
  • The methodology to be applied to the acquisition and analysis of primary and secondary data including the availability and sustainability of any secondary data sources
  • Results of the data collection and subsequent data analyses
  • Discussion of the results and findings
  • Conclusions in the context of the project aims and objectives


  • 8,000 world research artice, with 2,000 world supplementary material section

Key skills

  • Data collection and data analysis skills
  • Critical review and evaluation of previous research
  • Presentation of research results in report format