Cultural Geographies

In the first semester the focus will be on the theories and practices which surround concepts of identity, cultural landscape, geographical imagination, geographies of memory, and the idea of the 'other', relating them to students' own experiences.

In the second semester the focus will turn to examine the cultural geography of cities in the western world.

A variety of theoretical perspectives drawing on cultural geography will be introduced. These theories will be applied to the examination of key issues in the development of cities from the mid-19th century (the birth of the modern city) through to the contemporary.

By the end of this module you should be able to:

  • Discuss some of the major theories and critical issues surrounding the cultural geographies of development, including questions of inequality, voice, and participation.
  • Critically assess the roles of culture in a range of practices and experiences of development.
  • Analyse and evaluate a range of cultural representations in terms of what they convey about changing cultural geographies of development.