Landscape and Urban Ecology


The module will consider the sustainability of urban biodiversity in the UK. Emphasis will be placed upon the potential importance of urban habitats, their uniqueness and the application of appropriate ecological theories to urban areas.

It will be argued that to understand fully the complexities of urban environments one needs to utilise results from both the natural and social sciences.

Topics addressed will include:

  • Green corridors
  • Metapopulations and gradient theory
  • System disturbance, monitoring and recovery
  • Sampling
  • Habitat restoration
  • Sustainability


  • Lectures (20 hours)
  • Workshops (8 hours)
  • Fieldwork (5 hours)
  • Course Office hours for project design (6 hours)


  • One 3000-word field project in semester 2 (50%). The project involves the creation of a research paper based on the results of an ecology study of a local (urban) environment
  • One x 1.5 hr written examination in the semester 2 examination period (50%)

Key skills

  • Sample design (Project)
  • Statistical analyses (using SPSS, Brodgar, Excel, PAST) (Project)
  • Project planning (Project)
  • Project reporting (Project)
  • Essay writing (Examination)
  • Ecological problem solving (Examination)