Researching Policy and Society


This module will introduce students to studying and researching for interdisciplinary social science degree programmes. The phrase ‘an interdisciplinary subject’, means that during your academic studies, students will use ideas, theories, data and methods from a range of disciplines or subjects such as sociology, politics, history, psychology, economics and international studies, as well as theories and practices which are distinctive to the academic discipline of social policy itself.

Through a combination of lectures, seminars, practical sessions and guided independent study the module students will have the opportunity will to assess and develop their knowledge and skills in researching and communicating relevant topics. Students will also have the opportunity to explore how claims, issues and questions regarding policy and society can be analysed and understood using a range of sources of data, research strategies and positions.

In sum, students will be given the opportunity to further develop your capacity to undertake study, research and communicate your understanding of Policy and Society. This will be essential for helping students to manage your transition to University level study and for preparing students for more advanced forms of research and analysis.


  • Written Report: Coursework (50%)
  • 2 hour unseen examination: (50%)