Jatinder: MSc Hydrogeology

MSc Hydrogeology

Jatinder, an MSc Hydrogeology student, describes his experiences of the course and of life in the School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences at the University of Birmingham.


My name is Jatinder Chager and I'm doing MSc Hydrogeology at the University of Birmingham. 

Our course incorporates elements of computer modelling, physics, chemistry, maths and geology in order to further understand what is happening to the ground water beneath us, and this can have an effect for public supply and contaminant transport which could affect supply to the public. 

We have lectures from about nine o’clock till one o’clock, and later on in the year we’re going to have a couple of seminars from people travelling from abroad and from this country from different universities and colleges. 

The opportunity is there for postgrad students to actually sign onto do societies. I know of people who've signed onto do lots of different society activities. I myself have signed onto do pool and karate. 

The course which I've chosen – the MSc Hydrogeology – is a good pathway into industry and is world renowned. 

My favourite thing about being a postgraduate student is you feel as part of a family. There's a community spirt and there's also a freedom to further understand and study your subject which you're interested in in great detail. 

I've already been looking for jobs previous to joining onto the course, and I've seen a few which interest me. I've done a three month placement before joining onto the course at South Staffordshire Water, and I'm looking to go into a similar field with my MSc Hydrogeology course.