Pablo Casanova 

MSc Hydrogeology (graduate)

What are you currently doing? Can you give a brief description of what you did from graduation up to now?

Pablo Casanova

After graduation, I returned to my previous work in Schlumberger Water Services (Chile) with a new role as a Project Manager / Senior Hydrogeologist. I am currently in charge of mentoring new staff and also working in the direct management and field supervision for different projects within the company, mostly for the mining industry.

Can you give a short outline of the course you studied at the University of Birmingham and how it benefited you?

I undertook the MSc Hydrogeology course. It is a 1 year full-time course that covers all  aspects relevant to groundwater. The modules range from contaminated land, groundwater remediation, numerical modelling, groundwater chemistry and boreholes, amongst others. The MSc covers the most relevant parts of the hydrogeology in a very deep level, and, since the course is one of the most respected courses worldwide, it gives you the keys for working opportunities anywhere.

How did you find your first year in Birmingham?

It was absolutely fantastic! I really enjoyed every day in Birmingham, from the culture of its people to the beauty of the city. I lived there with my wife and my little daughter and both of them enjoyed the whole year as much as me, and probably more!

Also how going to University generally was beneficial to you?

I came back to University 8 years after the completion of my BSc. It was a great feeling being a student once again, since student life is comparable to none. The bad thing: I was one of the oldest in the class!

How about campus life? Can you describe how it was to study here at Edgbaston Campus rather than in a City Centre location?

I love Edgbaston and the University campus is just fabulous, with lots of space in a very relaxing environment. If someone wants to be concentrated in their own tasks, the environment at the campus is the best, and if you want to relax, you just have to walk down the street to the lively Selly Oak, My family and I also lived in Edgbaston, about 15 minutes from main campus. Walking everyday through the leafy streets was priceless.

How did you find living in Birmingham?  Was it how you expected it to be? Have you found the student community here supportive?

I thought Birmingham was a very dull city. How wrong I was! Now, I feel Birmingham is my second home, we always remember the good times we had there and we are looking forward to coming back very soon. Although I did not feel the need to be supported in any special circumstance, the student community were always open to attend any issues someone may have.

Did you join any student societies or take part in any events?

The course and my family were very time demanding, so I did not have time to take part in any society, although I would have loved to!

Any tips or words of wisdom that you would like to pass on to other students thinking of coming to study here?

Studying in England and especially in Birmingham was one of the best experiences I have ever had. If you are planning to study in one of the best Universities with top class professors and investigators in a nice city and campus, Birmingham must be your choice. And with regard to the MSc Hydrogeology, it is one of the most respected courses worldwide, with extremely dedicated teachers willing to help you and support you at anytime.

What are your aspirations for the future?

To keep on working in hydrogeology, getting better every day with my career and hopefully working abroad some day. If that means the UK, all the better it would be!