Professor Iseult Lynch PhD, MBA

Professor Iseult Lynch

School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences
Professor of Environmental Nanosciences
Theme lead for Environmental Sciences
Director of Research for Environmental Research and Justice (CERJ)

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School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

Iseult Lynch is an Associate Editor for Environmental Science: Nano, and Deputy director for the Facility for Environmental Nanomaterials Analysis and Characterisation (FENAC) at the University of Birmingham.  Her research focuses on the environmental interactions of nanoparticles and nanostructured surfaces with biological entities from macromolecules to organisms.

She has a very broad overview of all aspects of nanomaterials safety assessment and the data requirements, having served as Chair of the EU Nanosafety Cluster Working Group (NSC WG) on databases for two years (and as co-Chair of the Hazed WG prior to that), as well as being theme editor for the Materials and classification section of the NSC Vision2020 research roadmap (under review for publication in June 2013). Prior to the University of Birmingham she was Strategic Research Manager at the Centre for BioNano Interactions in University College Dublin, where she was instrumental in the development and implementation of numerous large EU-funded projects.

Iseult is part of the Birmingham Plastics Network, an interdisciplinary team of more than 40 academics working together to shape the fate and sustainable future of plastics.  This unique team brings together chemists, environmental scientists, philosophers, linguists, economists, and experts in many other fields, to holistically address the global plastics problem.

Iseult is the Director of Research for the Centre for Environmental Research and Justice (CERJ), which is currently accepting applications for MSCA Postdoctoral Fellowships. If you are interested in making an application with Iseult as your supervisor, please email with your CV and a 1-page expression of interest.


BSc. (Hons) Chemistry (1995)

PhD (Chemistry, 2000)

MBA (2012)


Professor Lynch is the undergraduate admissions tutor for Environmental Science.

Leads and contributes to undergraduate modules on the following topics:

  • molecules and materials
  • environmental protection
  • environmental pollution

Deputy director of the MRes in Biological and Environmental Nanoscience, and module leader for the MRes module 'Biological and Environmental Nanoscience'.

Postgraduate supervision

Dr Lynch’s research interests include:

Synthesis of novel composite polymeric materials for biomaterials and environmental applications
Nanoparticle interactions with biomolecules in the environment (natural organic matter, secreted proteins, organic pollutants, etc.) - the “eco-corona” and secondary pollutant effects
Determination of the fate and behavior of nanomaterials in the environment
Development of high throughput screening applications: nano(eco)toxicology, bionanointeractions and assessment of environmental fate of nanomaterials


Understanding the role of the bio-nano interface, and interactions with biomolecules, in determining nanoparticle fate and behaviour in the environment and for human health.

Other activities


Recent publications


Kolokathis, P, Voyiatzis, E, Sidiropoulos, N, Tsoumanis, A, Melagraki, G, Tamm, K, Lynch, I & Afantitis, A 2024, 'ASCOT: A Web Tool for the Digital Construction of Energy Minimized Ag, CuO, TiO2 Spherical Nanoparticles and Calculation of Their Atomistic Descriptors', Computational and Structural Biotechnology Journal.

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Yang, K, Wang, X, Lynch, I, Guo, Z, Zhang, P & Wu, L 2024, 'Green construction of MBI corrosion-resistant interfaces modified NZVI@MOFs-regulated 3D PAN cryogel film to enhance Cr(VI) removal', Separation and Purification Technology, vol. 333, 125902.

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Kukkola, A, Schneidewind, U, Haverson, L, Kelleher, L, Drummond, JD, Sambrook Smith, G, Lynch, I & Krause, S 2024, 'Snapshot Sampling May Not Be Enough to Obtain Robust Estimates for Riverine Microplastic Loads', ACS ES and T Water, vol. 4, no. 5, pp. 2309-2319.

Review article

Mansfield, I, Reynolds, J, Lynch, I, Matthews, T & Sadler, J 2024, 'Birds as bioindicators of plastic pollution in terrestrial and freshwater environments: A 30-year review', Environmental Pollution, vol. 348, 123790.

Zhang, P, Jiang, Y, Schwab, F, Monikh, FA, Grillo, R, White, JC, Guo, Z & Lynch, I 2024, 'Strategies for Enhancing Plant Immunity and Resilience Using Nanomaterials for Sustainable Agriculture', Environmental Science and Technology, vol. 58, no. 21, pp. 9051-9060.

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Nanomaterials in the environment (as well as food, cosmetics, consumer products, nanomedicines, nanopesticides etc.); nanomaterials transformations; nanomaterials fate and behaviour; nanomaterials eco/toxicology; Nanosafety assessment; nanoregulation; nanogovernance; Microplastics; nanoplastics; Open data