The Centre for Environmental Research and Justice (CERJ)

CERJ is a groundbreaking partnership between three University of Birmingham Colleges: Life and Environmental Sciences, Medical and Dental Sciences and Arts and Law.

Combining scientific innovations to uncover the precise effects of toxic chemicals and governance expertise to understand how social structures affect pollution, CERJ brings together researchers, citizen scientists, and decision makers across sectors to identify and implement environmental solutions.

Our goal is to facilitate real-world shifts toward an equitable and sustainable society by leveraging the most advanced science and scholarship; building critical partnerships with policymakers, communities, and green industry; and training the next generation of leaders to navigate the full complexity of environmental issues.

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CERJ MSc Human and Environmental Toxicology with Law

Develop your skills to protect the environment and safeguard human health

Our flagship 1 year interdisciplinary course is the first to offer students a comprehensive approach to tackling pollution by combining 21st century toxicology with a foundation in environmental regulation.

Offered through the Centre for Environmental Research and Justice (CERJ), our course delivers an essential skillset for resolving the present-day challenges faced by communities coping with industrial pollution. This unique programme fills a gap identified by both students seeking real-world impact and partners in community organisations, green industry, and government. Sustainability-minded organisations across sectors have a growing need for team members who can navigate the complexity of the environmental landscape. Graduates of this programme will understand not only what cutting-edge science is revealing about toxic chemicals, but also the legal and policy structures by which lasting change is made.

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