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Keep up to date with the latest news and events from around the school and the wide-ranging projects our staff and students get involved with. 

New appointment for ICCS PhD graduate

PhD alumnus Dr Daniel Rio Tinto has been appointed as Nuclear Security Fellow at FGV-SP in Brazil. He will be working on a project on the impact of armed violence and criminal activities in the nuclear security challenges and policies, particularly looking at the Brazilian context.

Large Grant Awarded to POLSIS

Dr Daniele Albertazzi (POLSIS) will act as principal investigator for an ESRC-funded project on 'The survival of the mass party: Evaluating activism and participation among populist radical right parties in Europe'.

Can Adversaries Become Friends?

ICCS Director Prof Nicholas J Wheeler writes for Social Sciences Birmingham: Can personal relationships between leaders really transform enemies into friends?

Trumpian Diplomacy and UK-US Relations

Professor David Dunn in Social Sciences Birmingham: Not all US Presidential visits to the UK are alike, and on this occasion great pains were taken to keep the visitor busy, on the move, out of London, and entertained with grand palaces in Windsor and Blenheim performing bands and marching soldiers.

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