Vitaly Voytenko

Commercialisation in the English Local Government 

Supervisors: Catherine Mangan and Joanne Duberley

Over the past two decades there have been increasing trends towards commercialisation in the English local government. The underlying foundation of these trends has been the reduction to funding that local authorities have experienced, in particular over the last decade.

However, academics note other important factors for this change e.g. increased contestability and marketisation in the delivery of public services. Drawing on data from interviews with senior practitioners in councils and from the review of the existing literature and resources, I aim to develop a typology of Commercialisation in local government to contribute to the understanding of this term and its wider meaning in the local government context. As part of the study, factors that are perceived as influencing the approaches of councils to commercialisation will be analysed to draw up common themes, that can be made accessible for the benefit of local government. 


Vitaly completed a BSc in Economics and Business Management in Russia before moving to the UK where he studied MSc in Development Studies at Birkbeck University of London. His professional career has further influenced his interest in public management aspects of local government and, in particular, in the area of commercialisation. 


  • BSc Economics and Business Management
  • MSc Development Studies


Research interests

  • commercialisation
  • income-generation in local government
  • business development
  • councils’ commercial activities
  • commercial development

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