Sally Ward



Supervisors: Dr Catherine Durose and Dr Koen Bartels

How do temporal patterns of active citizenship emerge in urban neighbourhoods? Knowing and shaping. A Case Study.. 

Sally Ward is undertaking doctoral research investigating temporal patterns of self-organising active citizenship based on the case of an urban neighbourhood in the UK. Sally is taking a grounded theory approach, and will draw on concepts from new institutionalism and structuration theory, to understand and explain how active citizens respond to and choose their level of involvement in local governance affairs over time.


Sally Ward previously studied Business Administration at degree level at the University of the West of England, before undertaking a Masters in Social Research at the University of Birmingham. Between her undergraduate degree and Masters she worked in various private sector roles researching markets, customers and competitors to inform the development of product-service solutions. From 2008 Sally has worked with active citizens, local authorities and private sector organisations to develop solutions that enable citizens to have a voice in their neighbourhood planning and local governance affairs. She is now undertaking a full-time PhD at the University of Birmingham..


Research interests

Self-organising active citizenship, citizen interactions, interactive governance, new institutionalism, situated-agency, practice theory, the value of subjectivity and local knowledge in public policy making, deliberative democracy, interpretive and mixed methods, systems and complexity theories. 


  • BA Business Administration
  • MA Social Research

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