Birmingham and West Midlands Classics Network

The Department of Classics, Ancient History and Archaeology is proud to host the Birmingham and West Midlands Classics Network.

The network carries out the work of the education charity Classics for All at a regional level, supporting the introduction and development of classical subjects in state schools.

Classics is a broad umbrella for a number of subjects taught at school, which may include:

  • Ancient Greek language at all levels;
  • Latin language at all levels;
  • Romans and Egyptians at primary school;
  • Ancient Civilisations at KS3;
  • Ancient History, examined at KS4 and 5;
  • Classical Civilisation, examined at KS4 and 5.

Classics for All aims to provide primary and secondary state schools with access to funding, training, and resources to introduce and develop classical subjects across the curriculum.

To find out more, contact Hebe Barlow

How can we help?

Classics for All fund and support state schools to develop classics provision at all key stages of the curriculum. Contact us for help to access:

  • Language training to equip non-specialists to introduce Latin or Ancient Greek;
  • Advice, guidance, and teacher training for schools looking to introduce a new classical subject;
  • Refresher training for teachers who would like to enhance the classics provision at their school;
  • Subject mentoring from experienced teachers.

Funding and training

The Birmingham and West Midlands Classics Network can help you with your funding application and will offer advice and support to:

  • Get courses up and running without specialist classics teachers;
  • Use Latin or Ancient Greek to meet foreign language requirements and support literacy at KS2;
  • Introduce Latin or Ancient Greek as part of timetabled English, MFL, or literacy lessons;
  • Embed the teaching of the ancient world across the curriculum in subjects such as History, English, Drama, RE, Science, PSHE, etc.