Chris Knibbs

Chris Knibbs

Classics, Ancient History and Archaeology
Doctoral Researcher

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Title of thesis: Female Exemplars in the Roman World

Supervisors: Dr Elena Theodorakopoulos and Dr Gareth Sears


  • MA Antiquity (Roman History and Archaeology) – Distinction. University of Birmingham.
  • BA Ancient History – First. University of Birmingham.


After completing my Undergraduate Degree in Ancient History (2011-2014) here at the University of Birmingham, I continued straight onto a taught MA in Antiquity (2014-2015). Now, following a short break from my studies, I am currently undertaking a PhD in Classics, Ancient History & Archaeology, funded by the College of Arts and Law.


This semester I will be teaching a number of seminars for undergraduates on the Imperial Rome course. 

I have also, in recent years, assisted in some of the advanced Latin classes held here at the University of Birmingham as part of the University’s Classics Summer School programme.

Doctoral research


My research centres on the presence and purpose of moralistic exemplars in the Roman world. Focusing particularly on the promotion of female exemplars of virtue in Roman texts and monuments between the first century B.C. and the fourth century C.E., it seeks not only to enrich our current understanding of why and in what ways women feature as exemplary paradigms, but also how, in looking at the corpus collectively, expressions of exemplarity evolved during this period.