Archaeology and Ancient History (VVC4): Selected Module Descriptions Final Year

Final Year 


Dissertation (40 credits) 

The dissertation is an extended piece of independent research into an area of the student's own interest resulting in a report of 12,000 words. Students will build skills enabling them to identify and explore the appropriate secondary literature (and primary source material, where appropriate), and to interrogate these sources effectively. Students will receive tuition in collating, ordering and referencing their research. Students will complete a sustained piece of academic research drawing on primary and secondary source materials. This module enables students to develop the analytical elements of research and present their research findings professionally. The main focus of supervision will be on assisting the student to structure their core argument effectively, present convincing analysis of the evidence used to sustain their argument, and to prepare a clear introduction and conclusion to the dissertation.


Special Subject A and B (20 + 20 credits) 

 The below is an exemplary list of options that may be available each year:

  • Greeks and Barbarians
  • Carthage and Rome
  • Christianity in the Graeco-Roman World archē
  • Democracy and Empire: The World of the Athenian
  • Wonderful Things: An Introduction to Ancient Egyptian Art and Architecture
  • Greek Epigram
  • Far-flung Corners: Being Roman in the Late Roman World, c. 200-550
  • Ritual and Religion: Performance, Materiality and Belief
  • How to Build an Empire: Communications and Conflict (-Resolution)
  • The Roman Republic in Imperial Imagination
  • The Spartan Kosmos 545-371 BCE
  • From Stonehenge to Mycenae: the Bronze Age in Europe
  • Living and Dying in Wetlands

Example optional modules may include:

  • Age of Empire (20 credits)
  • Death, burial and society (20 credits)
  • Greek Mythology (20 credits)
  • Palace Societies (20 credits)
  • Sparta (20 credits)
  • Face to face with Egypt's Gods (20 credits)
  • Love in Greek Literature (20 credits)
  • Hellenistic Literature (20 credits)
  • War, Peace and Diplomacy in the Roman World (20 credits)
  • Greek 1,2 and 3 (20+20+20 credits)
  • Latin 1,2 and 3 (20+20+20 credits)
  • Introduction to Egyptian A+B (20+20 credits)
  • Professional Skills Module

This is a work placement module involving a minimum of 10 days in a work environment in the type of organisation or business sector to which students might apply following successful completion of their undergraduate programme. The module will provide students with an opportunity to develop transferable skills, including team working, problem solving and communication skills, as well as allowing the development of the ability to self-reflect on activity undertaken.

Further information on the Professional skills module