Crossroads in African Studies
4-6 September 2013


In 2013 the Centre of West African Studies (CWAS) celebrates its fiftieth anniversary and the opening of a new Department of African Studies and Anthropology  (DASA) at the University of Birmingham.

For fifty years, research carried out at CWAS has been distinguished by interdisciplinarity spanning the humanities and social sciences, but united by a common focus on people’s lived experience in Africa, and close and long-term engagement with African societies, perspectives, and academic institutions. Whilst CWAS continues to promote the development and dissemination of Africa-focused research, the creation of DASA formalizes the expansion of teaching and research beyond West Africa to include the entire African continent, and the growing place of Anthropology in departmental expertise and teaching.

Crossroads in African Studies will take place on 4-6  September 2013 at the University. We look forward to hosting a variety of contributions ranging from the discussion of new empirical research, to the critical analysis of past and present theories and methods in the field of African Studies, and the identification of future agendas.

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