Gender, violence, and the children born of war in Northern Uganda: new directions in research

Danford Room, Room 224, 2nd Floor, Arts Building (R16)
Tuesday 19 April 2016 (12:00-18:30)

A Joint workshop by the School of History and Cultures and the Children Born of War Innovative Training Network.

The purpose of this research workshop is to discuss current research on gender-based violence and “Children Born of War” in Northern Uganda and neighbouring regions affected by the LRA conflict. Presentations focus on actors’ strategies and moralizing discourses about legitimate/illegitimate sexuality that developed as a consequence of war. The focus is on the negotiation of gender and sexuality in war and post-war (Panel 1); and on the experiences of “Children Born of War”, their mothers, and their host communities (Panel 2). Presentations in each panel are followed by 45 minutes of questions, comments, and debate. This format is aimed at enabling critical reflection and dialogue amongst researchers working on these and related phenomena.

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