Colonialism, Political Transition and Politics of Redress in Nigeria

Danford Room 2nd floor Arts Building (R16 on the campus map)
Wednesday 31 January 2018 (16:30-18:30)

Speaker: Hakeem Yusuf, University of Birmingham 

Adoption of the colonial template of governance by successive post-colonial governments in Nigeria has limited the ambit of transitional justice, rendering it incapable of addressing the root causes of systematic abuses and conflict in the country. Pathologies of colonial injustice and violence were transmitted into governance in the postcolony and this structural continuity has locked down the prospect of justice and reforms as an integral part of the governance complex. Critical analysis of the Nigerian experience calls attention to the need for transitional justice theory and praxis to engage with the colonial legacy in non-settler, postcolonial societies. Understanding of, and engagement with the colonial legacy is critical to the prospects of success of transitional justice in post-colonial polities.

Part of the Africa Talks Seminar Series Spring 2018.

Talks are held in the Danford Room, 2nd floor, Arts Building (R16 on the campus map). 

All welcome. 

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