Anthro Talks Spring 2022


  • 9 March 2022 Religious art among Shia Muslims in Kuwait Dr Nada Abdullah, University of Birmingham.

  • 16 March 2022 Researching the diaspora of hyphenated Italian youths to the UK. Reflections from an ongoing para-ethnography Dr Stefano Piemontese & Mr Otonoritse Gabriel Awani, University of Birmingham

  • 30 March 2022 ‘Immersive Practices and Experimental Worlds: A Comparative Ethnography’ – in collaboration with BRIHC (3.00 – 4.30 pm on Zoom) Prof David Berliner, Université libre de Bruxelles

  • 27 April 2022 Everyday atmospheres of (counter)terrorism in Birmingham Dr Carrie Benjamin, University of Birmingham

  • 4 May 2022 Deportability and the Family: Mixed-immigration status families in the UK’ Dr Melanie Grifffith, University of Birmingham.

Location and time

All talks will take place in the Danford Room on the second floor of the Arts building at 15:15-14:45.

Further information