Africa Talks Spring 2023


  • 1 February 2023: “Marching with the times: Economic numbers and templates in 1960s Ghana”, Gerardo Serra, University of Manchester
  • February 2023: “Defending the Defenceless Brutes: animal Nigerians and the politics of metropolitan emotions”, Saheed Aderinto, Florida International University
  • March 2023: “A History of Nigerian High Fashion: Sade Thomas Fahm and Julie Coker, 1950s-1960s”, Mutiat Oladejo, University of Ibadan
  • March 2023: “‘Women Palavers’: marriage and gender struggles in colonial Abeokuta, Southwestern Nigeria’, Morenikeji Asaaju, University of Birmingham (hybrid)
  • 19 April 2023: “The Ideological Scramble for Africa: How the Pursuit of Anticolonial Modernity Shaped a Post-colonial Order, 1945-1966”, Frank Gerits, Utrecht University
  • 3 May 2023: “New Africanist Perspectives on the British Colonial ‘Migrated Archives’”, Tim Livsey, Northumbria University
  • 10 May 2023: “The Worldmaking of New-Generation African Poets”, Nathan Suhr-Sytsma, Emory University (hybrid)

Location and time

15:15-14:45 on zoom (a link will be sent in advance).

Further information