Africa Talks Spring 2023


17 January - 'Da'wa as Development: Kuwaiti Islamic Charity in Africa'
Dr Mara Leichtman, Michigan State University, IAS Fellow in Durham University. 

24 January - 'Navigating Local Transitional Justice: Agency at Work in Post-Conflict Sierra Leone'
Dr Laura Martin, University of Nottingham

31 January - 'As if he knew history would not be kind to him: Ndabeningi Sithole and Zimbabwean history,'
Dr Tinashe Mushakavanhu, University of Oxford

31 January -'Afroscenology and British actors? Mobilising cultural and linguistic resources in performer training' 
Dr Claire French, Department of Drama and Theatre Arts, University of Birmingham & Dr Samuel Ravengai, University of Witwatersrand, South Africa. 

7 February - 'Excavation/Elevation'
Dr Constance Smith, University of Manchester

14 February - 'Connectivity, Colonialism, and Content Moderation: the International Politics of Internet Shutdowns in Africa'
Prof. Jonathan Fisher, IDD, University of Birmingham

28 February - 'The Making of African Studies in Brazil and UK: some historiographical notes' (online only)
Dr Evander Da Silva, Federal University of Latin American Integration

6 March - 'The contribution of Presence Africaine in decolonizing the minds of African Studies' (online only)
Prof. Romuald Fonkoua, La Sorbonne Paris

ANNUAL FAGE LECTURE - 13 March - 'Towards Understanding Contemporary African Diasporas: Bringing Race and Decolonisation In',
Dr Dominic Pasura, University of Glasgow

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