Programme: Saturday 2 September 2017

Women’s History Network Annual Conference 2017

9.00 Registration

9.15-9.30 Welcome

9.30-11.20 Panels 13-16 (1hr 50mins)

Panel 13: Russia and the Soviet Union

Chair: Hannah Roberts

  • Jane McDermid
  • ‘From victim to saboteur: British women travellers’ changing perceptions of Soviet peasants between the two famines, 1922-1932’
  • Geraldine Perriam
  • ‘From London Docks to Leningrad: The provincial lady travels to Russia’
  • Irina Mukhina
  • ‘Women transforming post-socialist Russia: Shuttle trade, consumption, and the new life of the 1990s’

Panel 14: Women pioneers and new educational institutions

Chair: TBC

  • Ruth Watts
  • ‘Julie Lloyd: A local reformer in an international movement’
  • Letterio Todaro
  • ‘Educating for Constructing Peace: Maria Montessori and the Promising Faith in a Wider World’
  • Lyndsey Jenkins
  • ‘“Our interest in the development of your characters is as deep as our interest in your acquisition of knowledge”: The international, professional and political careers of Caroline and Jane Kenney, c. 1910-1930’
  • Stephanie Spencer
  • ‘What’s in a name?: the British Federation of University Women and an International Clubhouse’

Panel 15: Married life and widowhood

Chair: TBC

  • Stormm Buxton-Hill - ‘Beyond Legal Constraint: Women and Marriage Settlements in the Early Modern Period’
  • Michael Auwers - ‘In Search of the Ideal Cheffesse: Assessing the patterns of expectations towards diplomatic wives, 1880-1940
  • Eliza Riedi - ‘British Widows of the South African War and the Origins of the War Widows’ Pensions’
  • Helen Glew - ‘Married Women’s Right to Work: Transatlantic Conversations in the Mid-20th Century’

Panel 16: Pioneering professionals

Chair: TBC

  • Mura Ghosh - ‘Pioneer women in early British psychology’
  • Kali Israel - ‘Activism and Archive: Esther Chalmers's Scottish international lives, 1894-1987’
  • Cathy Kawalek - ‘Beyond Bunnies: Beatrix Potter: International Business Pioneer and Activist’

11.20-11.45 Break

11.45-13.15 Panels 17-20 (90 mins)

Panel 17: War-time institutions

Chair: TBC

  • Corinne Painter - ‘Uneasy Cooperation: The Women’s Movement during the First World War’
  • Kathryn White - ‘Women Workers at the YMCA during the First World War’
  • Hannah Roberts - ‘The Women's Royal Naval Service's international role in the Second World War: an overview of its scope within the service's centenary year’

Panel 18: Troublemakers at or across borders: women activists in the 20th century

Chair: Charlotte Riley

  • Kate Law - ‘“Angel of Love?” South Africa and the memorialisation of Emily Hobhouse’
  • Emma Lundin - ‘Towards a Feminist Foreign Policy: Swedish Women’s International Activism in the 20th Century’
  • Jean Smith - ‘“A storm in a beer glass”: The Ajax Hospitality Club and the gendered tensions of wartime hospitality in 1940s Canada’

Panel 19: Antislavery and slave ownership

Chair: TBC

  • Anais Cecile Pedron - ‘Olympe de Gouges and her antislavery play, Zamore et Mirza, ou L’Esclavage des Noirs’
  • Hannah Young - ‘Situating slave-ownership: Anna Eliza Grenville’s empire of letters’
  • Louise Fenton - ‘Annie Palmer and Rose Hall: The Legend and Legacy of a Jamaican Plantation’

Panel 20: The internationalisation of healthcare

Chair: Cathy Kawalek

  • John Black - ‘Hope Trant OBE, (1888-1980) Medical Researcher and Practitioner in Africa’
  • Barbra Mann Wall - ‘The Role of Religious Communities of Educated Women in the Internationalisation of Health Care’
  • Fiona Foster - ‘Negotiating Identity through Medicine on an International Stage: The Scottish Women's Hospitals in the First World War’

13.15-14.00 Lunch

14.00-15.00 Keynote 2: Joanna de Groot

15.00-16.30 Panels 21-23 (90 mins)

Panel 21: Roundtable

  • ‘Birmingham Women Past & Present Revisited: A Women’s History Birmingham Project’

[Note: On Thursday people are invited to go on a 2 hour walk around Birmingham in relation to this panel - 20 participants. More details tbc]

Panel 22: Migration and work

Chair: Louise Fenton

  • Mallory Huard - ‘Haoles in Honolulu: New England Whaling Wives in Mid-Nineteenth century Hawai’i’
  • Cheri L. Larsen Hoeckley - ‘Aurora Leigh, Redundant Women, and the Language of Global Travel’
  • Elmari Whyte - ‘“The Domestic Girl of the Right Type”: A British migrant domestic servant in interwar Australia’

Panel 23: Engage, Entertain, Educate: The BBC and women through an international lens

Chair: TBC

  • Kate Murphy - ‘From domestic service in Canada to tiger shooting in India: the BBC and international talks for women, 1923-1939’
  • Mary Irwin - ‘BBC’s Wednesday Magazine and arts television for women’
  • Amanda Bloore - ‘“A window on the world”: the impact of the female presenter on the portrayal of the wider world in Blue Peter (1958-present)

16.30-16.45 Break

16.45-18.20 Panels 24-26 (110 mins)

Panel 24: Local/global politics

Chair: Cheri Larsen Hoeckley

  • Johanna Luthman - ‘Diplomat or VIP Tourist? Princess Cecilia Vasa of Sweden at the Court of Elizabeth I’
  • Paula Bartley - ‘Labour Women in Power: Cabinet Ministers in 20th Century Britain’
  • Sarah Frank - ‘Mothers of the Nation, Children of the Empire: Relations between civilians and colonial POWs in Vichy France’
  • Carolyn Collins - ‘Rebels in Sensible Shoes: Australian women, patriotism and the Vietnam war’

Panel 25: Depicting global cultures

Chair: Jane McDermid

  • Charlotte Katie Bartle - ‘[She] was captivated by the impressive new world that had revealed itself so suddenly to her’: Amalie Skram; writer, traveller, and New Woman’
  • Michaela Jones - ‘A “Woman of Ruling Nation”: Christiana Herringham in India, 1906-1911’

Panel 26: Religious motivations

Chair: TBC

  • Fortune Afatakpa - ‘Womanhood in Middle 19th Century Urhoboland: An examination of the spiritual and leadership role of Erukainure in Igbe Religion’
  • Sirja Möttönen - ‘Teaching the Bible and nursing the sick: Jenny Ivalo’s vision of deaconess education’
  • Ruth Lindley - ‘Great Goddess Rising: Spiritual Feminism and Religious Change’