Brazilian Regionalism in a Global Context

Murray Learning Centre - Room UG06
Wednesday 30 May (19:00) - Friday 1 June 2018 (14:00)

‘Brazilian Regionalism in a Global Context’ is an interdisciplinary project aimed at furthering comparative understandings of regionalism in Brazil.

The project seeks to create an international, multidisciplinary network of academics researching the many social, cultural, and economic aspects of regionalism and how they intersect with both nationalism and globalisation.

About the project

The project will examine the mechanisms that support regionalism, such as the construction of historical narratives and folklore; the creation of regionalised statistical or economic analysis; or the projection of regions within international relations. Ultimately, the project seeks to foment a conversation about what scholars working on regionalism elsewhere can learn from Brazil and vice versa.

Our project includes two workshops on Brazilian regionalism: the first workshop at University of Birmingham in May 2018; the second at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in the autumn of 2018. These workshops will lead to an edited book volume or dedicated journal issue on Brazilian regionalism. The project includes total or partial funding for a full range of international scholars, from graduate students to professors, from Brazil, the US, and the UK. In this way, our project encourages transatlantic mobility, an enhanced student experience, and international research collaboration. The purpose of the workshops is twofold: to develop a framework for thinking about Brazil in regions, identifying patterns, purpose, and methodologies of study; and to apply these findings beyond Brazil, to a wider discussion of regionalism as a worldwide phenomenon. 

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