Bring Back the Bodies

Arts 224 (Danford Room)
Monday 19 June 2023 (10:00-12:00)

Shirley Ye

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Kris Manjapra and Shirley Ye will host a series of seminars supported by the Leverhulme Trust for postgraduate students in May and June 2023.

Please note that this session has moved to Monday 19 June.

Preparatory readings will be circulated to registered participants one week before the seminar.

This talk is based on new research into the necropolitics and poetics surrounding the human remains of Indigenous, African, and Asian peoples collected in Natural History Museums in Europe. This paper studies the history of scientific discourses that mediated the practice of human-remains collection from the colonial world, as well as the varieties of new meanings and political uses that these human remains take today in terms of community redress and reparations activism.

These seminars are open to all students. Please register.