Ecologies of Resistance

Arts 335 Rodney Hilton Room
Monday 22 May 2023 (14:00-15:30)

Shirley Ye

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Kris Manjapra and Shirley Ye will host a series of seminars supported by the Leverhulme Trust for postgraduate students in May and June 2023.

Preparatory readings will be circulated to registered participants one week before the seminar.

This seminar explores the human-environment relationships across two epicenters of colonial extraction: the Caribbean’s old plantation zones and Asia’s emerging plantation frontiers, c.1790s-1930s. We explore this connected history in terms of racializations, transfers, circulations, and migrations of labour controls and resistances, bio-capitalist conquests and eco-crises, and public health interventions and biopolitical insurgencies. Using comparative and relational methods, we view colonialisms as processes that divide and sequester the realm of “the human” from the exploitable realm of “nature as resource”.

These seminars are open to all students. Please register.