Department of History

QS World University Rankings 2021 History Top 100The Department of History covers a wide range of British, European and world history from the early medieval period to the present. Whatever your interest – whether cultural, social, political, economic history – there is someone doing that kind of history in the department.


19 May 2021

Women and social movements in Brazil: Olivia Saunders

In her latest blog post, final year BA History student Olivia Saunders tells us about what she enjoys most about her favourite module; 'Women and Social Movements in Brazil' at the University of Birmingham.

12 May 2021

What I enjoy most about studying History: Mia Fitzgerald

BA History student Mia Fitzgerald tells us about her favourite modules and the subjects she enjoys studying the most at the University of Birmingham including optional modules in 1619 America and Gender and Sexuality.

23 April 2021

Eight questions with Tzuching Chu

BA History student Tzuching Chu tells us about studying at the University of Birmingham, including his favourite modules and the Societies he has been involved with.

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