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The Department of History at the University of Birmingham is a world-leading centre of excellence for both teaching and research. If you want to study History at university, the University of Birmingham is a great place to do so. Whatever your interests, whether global, cultural, social, political, economic, military or religious history, our historians are teaching and researching your kind of history. Tailor the programme to suit your strengths and interests. The skills you gain will help to make you a much sought-after graduate.

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International undergraduate scholarships available in the College of Arts and Law

We are proud to offer 10 scholarships to international students in the form of £3,000 tuition fee awards for year one entry only.

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My favourite undergraduate module at the moment covers war all the way from the Crusades until the War on Terrorism. It gives me a real depth of knowledge about the art of war and how it has changed throughout time.


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