Owen Grey

Department of History
Doctoral researcher

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PhD title: From Entente to Axis: Romania and the Crisis of Europe
SupervisorDr Klaus Richter and Dr Jonathan Gumz
PhD History


The purpose of my research is to examine Romania's foreign policy during the interwar period and determine why Romania, having entered the Great War on the side of the Entente in 1916, chose to align herself with the Axis in 1940.

My research will assess major turning points in the course of Romania's relations: the resurgence of German power in the 1930s, the retreat of Britain and France in face of a changing Europe, the deterioration of relations with the Soviet Union, and the weakening of alliances between small states. 

As well as considering diplomatic events, my thesis will also explore domestic factors, the nature of Romanian nationalism, the dictatorial influence of the King, the politics of division, and the unstoppable march of the extreme right, exemplified in particular by the Iron Guard. 

This body of work will show that, in determining why Romania went 'from Entente to Axis' in little more than 20 years, it is important to consider the symbiotic relationship that exists between foreign and domestic events.