Agni Agathi Papamichael

Agni Agathi Papamichael

Department of History
Doctoral researcher

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PhD title: Byzantium in Scandinavian Sources, ca. 1000-1400
SupervisorDr Chris Callow (University of Birmingham) and  Professor Judith Jesch (University of Nottingham)
PhD History


  • MA in Medieval Studies (Medieval History), University of Birmingham
  • BA in History and Archaeology - History, University of Cyprus


Exploring a wider context of international relations in the Middle Ages, my research focuses on the depictions of and attitudes towards the Byzantine Empire in Viking Age and medieval Scandinavian primary sources. With sources ranging from eleventh-century continental Scandinavian runic inscriptions to fifteenth-century works of Icelandic literature, this project investigates the continuity and evolution of linguistic and thematic representations of the Byzantine Empire and its people from a Northern European perspective. By its completion, this project aspires to have reached a deeper understanding of the Scandinavian perception of the Byzantine 'Other', re-evaluating the interpretation and relationship between sources from the Viking Age and the subsequent medieval period.

Other activities

Research Papers:

  • "Travelling as an Intention, an Achievement, and a part of one's Identity: Travellers in Eleventh Century Swedish Runestones', Postgraduate History Conference, Nottingham Trent University (2019).
  •  'Var hann i Grikkium: Scandinavian Tales of Byzantium', Masters Dissertation Conference, University of Birmingham (2019).

Organisation Membership:

  • Viking Society for Northern Research
  • Social History Society
  • International Students of History Association (ISHA)

Scholarships, Grants and Awards:

  • 2015-2019: State Scholarship from the Cyprus State Scholarship Foundation
  • 2018: University of Cyprus and A. G. Leventis Foundation award of academic excellence for graduating with the highest GPA in the Department of History and Archaeology of the University of Cyprus. URL:



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  • Papamichael, A. A. C., 'Tales of Scandinavians in Byzantium: The Greece Stones', Ofeltis, 16 (Nicosia), pp. 17-18.


  • Papamichael, A. A. C., 'Far away from Home: Early Byzantine Finds on the Ends of the World - Remarks on Dr Caitlin Green's Publication', Ofeltis, 15(Nicosia).