Naushabah Khan (BA History 2007)

Naushabah graduated in 2007 with a degree in History and is now an account director with Corporate Reputation Consulting.

What is your current role?Naushabah Khan
"I am currently an Account Director for a public affairs company called Corporate Reputation Consulting.  I am also standing as a parliamentary candidate in the 2015 election for the Labour Party."

How did you get to where you are today?
"After graduating I stayed in Birmingham for another year as a sabbatical officer at the Guild, where I led on key campaigns and got my first taste of the world of politics.  I then went on to work with KPMG as a trainee account, although I realised very quickly that the role was not for me I learnt some valuable skills which I continue to use in my present role."

What has been the best thing about your career?
"I have also worked in Parliament as a Political Aide for a number of MPs, as well as for the Civil Service.  My experience in both the private and public sector have prepared me well for a career in politics and motivated me to stand for parliament. I enjoy the challenge and variety my roles, both in politics and public affairs, present. No one day is ever the same and there is never a dull moment. My history degree has been an asset throughout my career; it is well respected by employers and has given me the flexibility to explore a number of career options."

How did studying at the University help prepare you for your career?
"The skills I have gained through my history degree have helped me throughout my career.  The ability to analyse, construct evidence based arguments and think outside the box, are all skills I have gained through my degree. The most positive aspect of my History degree was the opportunity to study a subject that I thoroughly enjoyed, working with leading academics.  Reading history at Birmingham encourages you to work independently, effectively manage your time and challenge long standing ideas. Reading History at Birmingham is not just about the qualification you get at the end but also about building key skills, and taking the time to learn more about areas that may interest you."