Finis Terrae: The Iberian Peninsula Contextualised in C13th Europe'

Edgbaston Campus, Hybrid Event, Online
Thursday 26 May (14:00) - Friday 27 May 2022 (16:00)
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The Iberian Peninsula has been, historically, a crossroad of peoples, cultures and intellectual exchange.

In its evolution, the Middle Ages, and particularly the 13th century, were essential for the crystallisation of the Iberian identities and the series of institutions that would result in the creation of the states that now occupy the peninsula.

With a multidisciplinary approach, experts in different fields have been invited to share their views on different aspects of Iberian Medievalism: the study of institutions, how religion was understood, the art that was created, and to the literature produced during the period. Always with the goal of offering a kaleidoscopic view that incorporates the different political identities that coexisted in the peninsula: the different Christian kingdoms and the Islamic presence of Al-Andalus.

This event is open to all scholars independently of the stage of their career: from undergraduate and postgraduate students to early career and established academics. And do not worry if you have never heard of what was going on in Iberia during the Middle Ages! We have asked our guest speakers for some useful previous readings that will help you make the most of the sessions.

The event will be accessible in person and online, so you can join us at Edgbaston Campus, or from the comfort of your home. 

Organized by William PurkisAnder Salinas, and Elena Caetano